David Ramsbottom is a Technical Director at HR Wallingford. He has 30 years experience in water engineering and management since graduating from Cambridge University in 1975. He joined HR Wallingford in 1988 and has specialised in flood management. He has been involved in a wide range of consultancy and research projects including catchment flood management, flood defence planning, and adapting to climate change.

He has been involved in the development of adaptive approaches to flood management that take account of climate change and other potential future changes, for example socio economic change. He was responsible for developing adaptable flood risk management options for the Thames Estuary 2100 (TE2100) strategy, which included adaptation for up to 4 metres of sea level rise. The preferred option, which is now being implemented, involves a sequence of interventions over the next 100 years together with monitoring of key change indicators.

David was also responsible for the Floods and Coastal Erosion Sector report produced as part of the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA). The report provides future projections of flood risk for the UKCP09 climate change scenarios. As part of the CCRA he also prepared national climate change risk assessments for England and Wales.