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  • HydroSpatial Base - Data rich marine reference maps

    Marine mapping and data
  • TruDepth - bathymetric data

    Marine mapping and data
  • HydroSpatial Global - worldwide vector layers

    Marine mapping and data
  • HydroView Now - worldwide raster data

    Marine mapping and data
  • Marine mapping and data

Marine mapping and data

SeaZone, HR Wallingford's specialist marine mapping and data division, produces a range of innovative data products which include digital marine charts and multi layered marine mapping.

Throughout the world many organisations and individuals in the oil and gas, renewable energy, conservation, fisheries and public sectors use SeaZone data. It is increasingly used for leisure purposes. SeaZone data helps support decision making in the marine environment and the coastal zone.

More specifically SeaZone data is used to support

SeaZone marine data products cover:

Vector mapping

Interactive datasets for use in GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Our vector mapping products consist of our HydroSpatial product range:

HydroSpatial Global

Worldwide vector background mapping with themed layers of best available charted content.

HydroSpatial Base

The definitive worldwide marine reference map.

HydroSpatial One

Authoritative digital marine mapping in six defined Topic Layers. 

HydroSpatial Wrecks

Marine reference thematic vector product provided with known wreck sites and seabed obstructions.

Raster mapping

Digital marine charts suitable for background mapping.  Our raster mapping products consist of our HydroView product range.

HydroView Charts

Scanned and geocoded images of Admiralty Charts, available for immediate use

HydroView Now

Global coverage Web Mapping Tile Service (WMTS)


Water depth data available on a mapping backdrop or by survey. Our bathymetry products consist of our TruDepth product range and Charted Points.


TruDepth Grids
Best available, authoritatively sourced water depths, modelled to half degree grids

TruDepth Points
Detailed water depth information captured from authoritative sources

Chartered Points

Water depth information captured from marine charts

Video of Marine mapping and data
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SeaZone, HR Wallingford's specialist marine mapping and data division.

SeaZone, HR Wallingford's specialist marine mapping and data division.


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