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Announcement: HR Wallingford and G-tec team up to provide underwater acoustic services

Posted: 02-Aug-2017

Before consent is given to build in the marine environment, developers must often assess how much underwater sound will be generated during the construction and operation of a facility, and assess any potential impact on marine life. Both before and during construction, they commonly monitor and report actual sound levels to ensure they understand and adhere to thresholds.

HR Wallingford is an international specialist consultancy and research organisation based in the UK. With a focus on water and the water-environment, its environmental experts have developed world-leading tools to model underwater sound and its potential impact on marine ecosystems.

G-tec is a Belgian-based survey and monitoring company that provides geophysical, geotechnical and environmental investigations in offshore, coastal, onshore and riverine environments.

Working together, HR Wallingford and G-tec will be able to deliver a comprehensive package of services to support developments in the marine environment, which will include modelling, fieldwork and specialist consultancy relating to underwater sound. HR Wallingford will conduct detailed numerical sound modelling using a suite of validated modelling tools, and provide specialist ecological / environmental consultancy, with G-tec undertaking bespoke in-situ monitoring of baseline, and during construction, sound levels.

Dr Mark Lee, Dredging Group Manager, said: “HR Wallingford has had a strong relationship with G-tec for a number of years, arising from both companies’ contributions to the development of expert industry guidance. At HR Wallingford we very much look forward to continuing our work with G-tec through combining each company’s established underwater sound capabilities to provide an exciting new, integrated offering to clients worldwide”.

With this ground-breaking collaboration, HR Wallingford and G-tec are very well positioned to deliver a one-stop solution for consultancy, monitoring and modelling of underwater sound to all those who require it.

For more information, contact Mark Lee: M.Lee@hrwallingford.com

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