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What inspired Eunice to become a coastal engineer?

Posted: 21-Jun-2017

As part of our celebrations around International Women in Engineering Day, Eunice Silva explains what her role involves and why she was inspired to become a coastal engineer. 

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Valerie's work helps to protect our environment

Posted: 20-Jun-2017

As part of our focus on women in engineering and applied science for International Women in Engineering Day, Valerie Houlden tells us why she finds her career in water management so rewarding. Continue reading ›

World’s biggest container ship eases into Felixstowe after pilot training using HR Wallingford’s navigation simulators

Posted: 12-Jun-2017

HR Wallingford used data provided by Maersk to construct an accurate hydrodynamic model of the Madrid Maersk which was used by pilots to train and explore new ship handling techniques in its UK Ship Simulation Centre. Close-up of the Madrid Maersk (left) taken by Captain Prithvi Singh, SCS pilot at Harwich Haven Authority.  Image taken from HR Wallingford's navigation simulation (right). Continue reading ›

Developing a new National Flood Forecasting and Warning System for Malaysian rivers

Posted: 26-May-2017

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Supporting green river engineering

Posted: 25-May-2017

The green infrastructure (GI) network is made up of natural and semi-natural features that connect and run through our urban spaces. Rivers form a key part of this green network, and GI approaches can be used to help conserve and restore these natural features by improving water quality, morphology and natural habitats.  Continue reading ›

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