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Cumbria floods: The impact of climate change on flood risk management

Posted: 11-Dec-2015
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David RamsbottomSix years after record-breaking rainfall over the Cumbria fells, the north-west area of England has again been subjected to extreme rainfall that has led to widespread flooding. The question that everyone seems to want an answer to is: what role has climate change has played in these extreme rainfall events?
David Ramsbottom considers the impact of climate change on flooding, and shares his views on the flood management strategies we need to adopt to make our communities more flood resilient.

Providing evidence on development and climate change for COP 20 in Lima

Posted: 02-Dec-2014
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Supporting the pan-African Water, Climate and Development Programme

Posted: 30-Sep-2013

Dr Nigel Walmsley has been appointed to an international Reference Group overseeing the pan-African Water, Climate and Development programme (WACDEP). WACDEP aims to integrate water security and climate resilience in development planning, develop partnerships and capacities to build resilience to climate change through better water management, and develop 'no/low regret' financing and investment strategies for water security and climate change adaptation. The programme runs until April 2016 and is focused initially in eight African countries and five transboundary river basins / aquifer systems across the continent. Continue reading ›

HR Wallingford collaborates with European experts on climate change risks and adaptation

Posted: 20-Dec-2012

Press release - HR Wallingford was invited to present the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) at a European workshop organised by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency of Germany that took place in Bern, Switzerland in December 2012.  Continue reading ›

The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2012 - The first of its kind and why it has a legacy beyond the UK

Posted: 02-Aug-2012

Now that the dust has settled since the publication of the UK’s Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA), we are starting to reflect on the true value of this work and where we should go from here, bearing in mind that this assessment was just the first in an open-ended cycle of assessments to be completed every five years.  Continue reading ›

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