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International Conference on Scour and Erosion opens in Oxford

Posted: 12-Sep-2016

HR Wallingford is welcoming scour and erosion specialists from more than 30 countries who are meeting in Oxford from 12-15 September for ICSE 2016, the 8th International Conference on Scour and Erosion.  Continue reading ›

Brunel University and HR Wallingford awarded Environment Agency contract to deliver flood engineering degree

Posted: 29-Jul-2016

Members of the Environment Agency’s Higher Education Programme team meeting with members of Brunel University London and HR Wallingford after the award of the Flood and Coastal Engineering degree programmes Continue reading ›

Do fishpasses affect the accuracy of river flow measurements?

Posted: 11-Feb-2016

HR Wallingford is helping the UK Environment Agency to understand the impact of fish passes on flow gauging structures. How do these structures, and their positioning, impact on the accuracy of flow measurements in the river? Results of this research will allow better understanding of low cost options for fish passage and will ultimately lead to more accurate flood risk assessments. Continue reading ›

Unveiling new state of the art for coastal flood risk

Posted: 09-Feb-2016

  Continue reading ›

Water supply planning and drought: understanding the big picture

Posted: 03-Feb-2016
 Continue reading ›
Ralph LedbetterThe Environment Agency’s draft guidance for the next generation of Water Resource Management Plans makes it clear that water companies must understand how their systems will perform during periods of drought. Dr Ralph Ledbetter is a senior hydrologist at HR Wallingford. He explains why water companies need to look beyond their historic records if they want to see the bigger picture when it comes to effective planning for drought.

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