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Estuarine and coastal managed realignment sites in England – how do model predictions compare with reality?

Posted: 19-Nov-2013

Managed realignment is a relatively new soft engineering strategy undertaken to provide sustainable coastal defences, re-create intertidal habitats or a combination of these two aims. More than fifty managed realignment sites have been created since the first in 1991. HR Wallingford’s Marie Pendle has been comparing the predictions made about individual managed realignment sites during the planning stage with the results from monitoring programmes at each site.  Continue reading ›

International collaborative projects announce new guidance on flood risk and levee management

Posted: 30-Sep-2013

On 3 October 2013, experts from HR Wallingford join other colleagues in France to present the findings from two international collaborative projects. The teams of experts working on flood protection of the built environment in the FloodProBE-project and on the International Levee Handbook (ILH) are meeting in Aix en Provence to launch the Handbook and the results of FloodProBE. HR Wallingford has played a pivotal role in both. Key stakeholders from the USA, UK, France, The Netherlands and several other European countries are attending the event to discuss the outcomes and the potential for further research, development and international collaboration. Continue reading ›

Prize-winning research on breakwater optimisation

Posted: 17-Sep-2013

We are pleased to announce that HR Wallingford’s Michael Rustell was recently awarded “Best Student Paper” at the ASCE Ports 2013 conference in Seattle. The paper, entitled “Breakwater length optimisation using a root-finding algorithm” offers a methodology for developing breakwater layout concepts by considering the berth downtime as a function of the breakwater length. This allows a simple iterative root-finding algorithm to be used to find the length corresponding to the target level of downtime.  Continue reading ›

New partnership launched to predict impact of underwater noise on fish

Posted: 13-Aug-2013

A three-year Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between HR Wallingford and the University of Exeter has been launched this month, funded through NERC’s Marine Renewable Energy Knowledge Exchange (MREKE) programme. Continue reading ›

Underwater noise model validated

Posted: 06-Aug-2013

HR Wallingford’s noise model within its Hydro-Acoustic Model for Mitigation and Ecological Response (HAMMER) tool has been validated using pin-piling and ambient noise data collected from a boat based hydrophone during the construction of the SeaGen tidal turbine in Strangford Lough, in Northern Ireland. Continue reading ›

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