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Ian Townend appointed as Honorary Professor at NHRI in China

Posted: 04-Jun-2014

Ian Townend, director of research at HR Wallingford, has been appointed as an Honorary Professor at Nanjing Hydraulics Research Institute in China.  Continue reading ›

Paul Samuels appointed as editor of the Journal of Flood Risk Management

Posted: 12-Feb-2014

Paul Samuels, technical director of floods at HR Wallingford, has been appointed as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Flood Risk Management. The journal has just started its seventh year of publication and covers all aspects of flood risk management. Continue reading ›

HR Wallingford appoints new director of water and flood management

Posted: 09-Dec-2013

Andrew Brown has been appointed to the position of Director, Water and Flood Management at HR Wallingford. Andy brings high level international business experience to the company, together with a wealth of technical expertise in the fields of water infrastructure, water resource management and flood risk modelling and management. He will lead the growth of HR Wallingford’s worldwide flood and water management business.  Continue reading ›

Building for the future: twenty year research partnership set to continue

Posted: 28-Nov-2013

Twenty years ago this month, a unique research facility was opened at HR Wallingford’s facilities in Oxfordshire, UK. The UK Coastal Research Facility (UKCRF) gave engineers and scientists access to an experimental facility to investigate the complex interaction of waves, currents, sediments and coastal structures. It also sparked a fruitful 20-year collaboration between HR Wallingford’s Professor Richard Whitehouse and University College London’s Professor Richard Simons. With new experimental facilities under construction at HR Wallingford, the foundations are in place to secure another two decades of successful collaboration.

The UK Coastal Research Facility at HR Wallingford in November 1993. Continue reading ›

Supporting the pan-African Water, Climate and Development Programme

Posted: 30-Sep-2013

Dr Nigel Walmsley has been appointed to an international Reference Group overseeing the pan-African Water, Climate and Development programme (WACDEP). WACDEP aims to integrate water security and climate resilience in development planning, develop partnerships and capacities to build resilience to climate change through better water management, and develop 'no/low regret' financing and investment strategies for water security and climate change adaptation. The programme runs until April 2016 and is focused initially in eight African countries and five transboundary river basins / aquifer systems across the continent. Continue reading ›

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