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Modelling habitat and ecosystem recovery on the seabed after dredging

Posted: 15-Apr-2013

At a conference on Marine and River Dune Dynamics, Michiel Knaapen presents findings on information required to develop a practical model of a dredging site, and the processes that are required to build a model. New methods have been developed for variable flow fields, multiple grain sizes, and simplified ecological rule systems so that realistic hydrodynamic models can be used to drive cellular automata models. Continue reading ›

HAMMER noise modelling tool to be enhanced

Posted: 02-Apr-2013

Announcement  - HR Wallingford’s tool to investigate the impact of underwater noise on animals, the Hydro-Acoustic Model for Mitigation and Ecological Response (HAMMER), will soon have increased data to model the behaviour of animals. The Natural Environment Research Council in the UK is funding a four month project to collect data on the behaviour of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). This data will then be incorporated into the HAMMER model. Continue reading ›

First steps towards long term collaboration with Vietnam

Posted: 25-Mar-2013

A delegation from the Key Laboratory of River and Coastal Engineering (KLORCE) in Vietnam visited HR Wallingford to establish first links between the two organisations. HR Wallingford and the visitors discussed coastal issues and the use of physical and numerical models to study particular problems.  Continue reading ›

Strengthening international relationships - welcoming Nanjing Hydraulics Research Institute to HR Wallingford

Posted: 19-Mar-2013

On Tuesday 19 March 2013 we were pleased to welcome Prof Jianyun Zhang, the president of Nanjing Hydraulics Research Institute, to HR Wallingford. He was accompanied by his colleagues Prof Yongjun Lu, Prof Shiqiang Wu, Prof Guoqing Wang and Prof Feng Sun. Continue reading ›

iWIDGET… helping kick start water efficiencies

Posted: 11-Mar-2013

Press release - iWIDGET is a €5 million European Commission project aimed at improved water efficiencies through the use of novel information communication technologies (ICT) for integrated supply-demand side management. iWIDGET stands for “Improved Water efficiency through ICT technologies for integrated supply-Demand side manaGEmenT”. Continue reading ›

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