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International Conference on Scour and Erosion opens in Oxford

Posted: 12-Sep-2016

HR Wallingford is welcoming scour and erosion specialists from more than 30 countries who are meeting in Oxford from 12-15 September for ICSE 2016, the 8th International Conference on Scour and Erosion.  Continue reading ›

The science of tsunamis: creating tsunami waves in the laboratory to help protect coastal communities

Posted: 07-Sep-2016

Hydraulic engineering specialists, HR Wallingford, unveiled their latest generation tsunami simulator, the most realistic yet, on Wednesday 7 September 2016 at their world-leading facilities at Howbery Park, Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Continue reading ›

Do fishpasses affect the accuracy of river flow measurements?

Posted: 11-Feb-2016

HR Wallingford is helping the UK Environment Agency to understand the impact of fish passes on flow gauging structures. How do these structures, and their positioning, impact on the accuracy of flow measurements in the river? Results of this research will allow better understanding of low cost options for fish passage and will ultimately lead to more accurate flood risk assessments. Continue reading ›

Stress from noise may be short-lived

Posted: 27-Jan-2016

A new study published in Royal Society Open Science confirms that underwater noise can negatively impact anti-predator behaviour in endangered eels and increase stress in both eels and European seabass. However, there is also some more positive news. A team from HR Wallingford and the Universities of Exeter and Bristol found that directly following short-term noise exposure, both fish species showed no adverse effects from their recent exposure in behaviour and physiology, suggesting rapid recovery. This indicates that after loud man-made noises are terminated, some impacts may be short-lived. Continue reading ›

MarineE-tech: Exploring deep ocean mineral deposits

Posted: 24-Nov-2015

E-tech elements, such as cobalt and tellurium, are vital for emerging E-technologies. These elements are in short supply, yet they are formed through natural Earth processes and occur in high concentrations in the world’s ocean basins in metal rich deposits. HR Wallingford is part of MarineE-tech, a new £4.2 million research programme that will investigate the origins and formation of these crusts and study the potential impacts of mineral extraction. Continue reading ›

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