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    Future service chain platform
  • Future service chain platform
  • Future service chain platform
  • Future service chain platform
  • Future service chain platform

Future service chain platform

The future service chain platform project investigated the use of new data handling and web-based service technologies and standards at HR Wallingford. This was in response to an increasing need to handle time series data more efficiently and effectively allowing safe storage, improved retrieval and broader analysis.

An increasing number of bespoke marine forecasting services are being provided by HR Wallingford. These services are tailored to each client's requirements and rely on a chain of computational models and data. The services are also being delivered using a variety of methods including web, email and SMS.

HR Wallingford is also hosting a number of data networks that provide access via the internet to historical and near real time measurements of environmental marine conditions.

Streamlining these services into a generic system type will bring clear benefits in development and ongoing management. This need was accompanied by the development of new tools and standards allowing data to be handled with distributed web architectures.

The time series data is usually produced by instruments measuring phenomena such as wave height, salinity or temperature or by computational models simulating these phenomena. The project produced a set of standard components to allow this data to be collected, stored and portrayed by linking these components together in ‘service chains’.

The project demonstrated that new service chains can be implemented with reduced effort by using service chain components ‘off-the-shelf’ and without modification combined with other more bespoke components, some of which could be developed from templates of those already existing.

The future service chain platform is now ready to be applied to any relevant application of time series (and other) data to be incorporated into projects, products and services supplied by HR Wallingford including:


Quillon Harpham, Nigel Tozer


Timeseries; feature type; point series; web feature; web map; forecasting.



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