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HR Wallingford developed pyxis to provide our expert numerical modelling teams with a more efficient way to manage and audit models. After five years of development we are now making pyxis available to the broader modelling community and you can now download pyxis and develop and add your own workflows.

If you are looking for an effective way to manage your numerical modelling activities, contact us to discuss how pyxis could be just the tool you are looking for.

What is pyxis?

pyxis is a "box" where numerical modellers store, organise and run their models and tools. A pyxis workflow is a standardised way of running a particular model or tool. These workflows allow a range of models to be used through a single graphical user interface, in a controlled, repeatable and auditable manner. pyxis has quality assurance built in, improving efficiency for numerical modellers.

HR Wallingford has developed a range of pyxis workflows for use in our own studies. pyxis is now available for other organisations, both to make use of established workflows and to use with additional numerical models. Getting started is simple - our pyxis elearning site has tutorials to guide users through workflow creation.

pyxis runs on the MS Windows platform, but can be used to manage and submit numerical modelling jobs to local or remote MS Windows or non-MS Windows based HPC/HTC resources. 

What can pyxis do for you?

pyxis is continually being developed to improve the GIS capabilities, the audit trail, the reporting tools and the charting capabilities. It is also being extended to include additional workflows and toolboxes.

pyxis at HR Wallingford

HR Wallingford is currently using pyxis with the following workflows:

Read more information at:

pyxis(/ˈpɪksɨs/; Greek: box; Latin: mariner's compass)<br/>pyxis is a

pyxis(/ˈpɪksɨs/; Greek: box; Latin: mariner's compass)
pyxis is a "box" where numerical modellers store, organise and run their tools. pyxis guides users through model use in a controlled and auditable way.


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