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Water supply planning and drought: understanding the big picture

Posted: 03-Feb-2016
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Ralph LedbetterThe Environment Agency’s draft guidance for the next generation of Water Resource Management Plans makes it clear that water companies must understand how their systems will perform during periods of drought. Dr Ralph Ledbetter is a senior hydrologist at HR Wallingford. He explains why water companies need to look beyond their historic records if they want to see the bigger picture when it comes to effective planning for drought.

Stress from noise may be short-lived

Posted: 27-Jan-2016

A new study published in Royal Society Open Science confirms that underwater noise can negatively impact anti-predator behaviour in endangered eels and increase stress in both eels and European seabass. However, there is also some more positive news. A team from HR Wallingford and the Universities of Exeter and Bristol found that directly following short-term noise exposure, both fish species showed no adverse effects from their recent exposure in behaviour and physiology, suggesting rapid recovery. This indicates that after loud man-made noises are terminated, some impacts may be short-lived. Continue reading ›

New SuDS standards for Wales

Posted: 18-Jan-2016

On 5 January 2016 the Welsh Government published recommended non-statutory standards for SuDS in Wales. HR Wallingford supported the Welsh Government through their development of these standards over the last two years, during which time the Government engaged extensively with stakeholders and undertook a public consultation. Continue reading ›

An analysis of the Cumbria floods

Posted: 16-Dec-2015
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Andy TaggAndy Tagg looks at the cause of the floods in Cumbria, and considers how they differ from the 2009 floods and what, if anything, can be done to reduce the impact of future events.

Why wouldn’t SuDS have helped prevent the Cumbrian floods?

Posted: 14-Dec-2015
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Richard Kellagher

Six years after record-breaking rainfall over the Cumbria fells, the north-west area of England has again been subjected to extreme rainfall that has led to widespread flooding and disruption. In the immediate aftermath, a question which is always asked is: could more have been done to prevent it?

Richard Kellagher explains why SuDS are so valuable but are not a panacea and wouldn’t have helped prevent the recent flooding in Cumbria. 

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