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  • Celebrating 70 years of working with water
  • 70 years of physical modelling

    Celebrating 70 years of working with water
  • Shaping ship simulation

    Celebrating 70 years of working with water
  • 70 years of modelling the tidal Thames

    Celebrating 70 years of working with water
  • Celebrating 70 years of working with water

Celebrating 70 years of working with water

HR Wallingford has come a long way in the last 70 years. Progressing from our origins in 1947 in Teddington, as a Government Laboratory, and through our privatisation in 1982, we now work globally for a wide range of public and private sector clients, providing leading-edge solutions to problems across civil engineering and environmental hydraulics.

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we have dipped into our archives and invite you to explore some of the historic and fascinating pictures from the HR Wallingford album.

You will also find on these pages a history of  HR Wallingford from our founding as the Hydraulics Research Organisation, and a selection of stories which we hope will give you an insight into our company story so far.

Moorings being tested on a model ship (believed to be The Atlantic City) with strain gauges to estimate forces c.1962Basic Coastal Model 1960sBideford Bay Devon model 1960sCarousel mud flume 1982
Dam and Spillway Harkers Hall 1960sEast London Ship Impacts 1980sFlume 1960s Current Meter TestFlume Ian Shepherd 1978
Vintage flume in greenhouse 1950sHong Kong Harbour physical model in 1959Inspecting coastal damage at Sutton on Sea in Lincolnshire in early 1953The mainframe computer c.1972
HR Wallingford Manually Operated Wave MakersMaplin Airport model partial view  c.1973Maplin Model Coastal Engineers including Andy Steele in the Maplin Airport model c.1973Mersey Model 14 August 1959
Outdoor model of Tema Harbour (Gold Coast) 1950sPaul Beresford working on the Dampier under keel projectPhysical mofel of Tilbury Docks on 10 June 1959Physical model of the Trent in 1979
Pneumatic wave makers 1960sMaplin Model - Radio-controlled boat in the Maplin Seaport physical model c.1973Ripon Falls physical model on 13 June 1957The Sediment Laboratory in 1959
Ship wind tests from the 1980sThe Starry Sky (Ciel Etoilé) Basin in 1974The Starry Sky Basin Wick October 1974Structure tests from the 1980s
Taking measurements in 1959Telok Anson - now, Teluk Intan, MalaysiaTerry Millard and Mike Cooke in the 1960s working on Exe Bridges ExeterThames Barrier Flood Defence Model -1 c.1975
Thames Barrier Flood Defence Model -2 c.1975Thames Barrier Flood Defence Model -3 c.1975Modifying roughness coefficients of vegetation in a mobile bed physical model for watercourse maintenance 1950sInstrumentation Flow Meter 1960s
Starry Sky (Ciel Etoilé) 1969Parana physical model 1960sTwo directional seas 1960sMaplin Model - Ministerial visit to the Maplin Seaport model c.1973


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