We are experts in how water moves, behaves and influences communities and industries.

We create smart, resilient solutions for the natural and built environments to help the world understand the changing influence and impact of water.

Our work supports infrastructure developers and operators, research bodies, governing authorities and decision makers at all levels with the innovative solutions they need, built on our experience, data insights and research.


We help our clients to understand the impacts of natural and human induced change on the freshwater environment. We’ll interpret the consequences of these impacts to provide solutions, tools and advice, tailored to deliver sustainable, resilient solutions.

HR Wallingford’s integrated dredging and reclamation solutions support the development of new infrastructure such as ports, airports, waterfront developments and artificial islands. We help our clients to design, procure and deliver their projects on schedule, while achieving the best value for money.

Coastlines are constantly evolving, both naturally and as a result of human activity. These changes, added to the pressure of climate change, can erode the coast and cause flooding. We help our private and public sector clients to develop resilient and sustainable coastal protection solutions.

Flood forecasting and early warning are crucial to enable efficient, targeted emergency responses and the provision of flood warnings. We deliver flood forecasting and warning systems that are designed to be fast, accurate and reliable under extreme catchment conditions.

We work with our clients and partners to design natural flood management (NFM) measures that deliver efficient and sustainable solutions to their flood risk challenges.

With our experience of flooding in the UK and across the world, we are uniquely placed to help you make effective flood risk management decisions. We lead the development and application of innovative solutions across the full spectrum of flood risk management issues, delivering both research and expert consultancy services.

Climate adaptation decisions made today need to be resilient to a changing but also uncertain future. A significant challenge for developing adaptation strategies is dealing with the considerable uncertainty associated with climate change projections and future social and economic changes.