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Climate risk and vulnerability assessment

Our specialist expertise helps our clients to understand the potential impacts of climate change. We’re at the forefront of climate risk and vulnerability assessment in the UK and internationally.

Our experience in assessing risks and vulnerabilities at both the national and local scale is unparalleled. We led pioneering work for the UK Government to assess climate change related risks up to the year 2100. As an industry leader in using climate projections, we apply the latest tools to analyse potential climate change impacts. We are skilled in interpreting the findings from assessments and our work has often been used to inform policy or guidance used in decision-making.

We carry out research and specialist consultancy in climate risk and vulnerability assessment for a range of organisations.

Sector-specific climate risk and vulnerability assessment

We develop methodologies to assess risks and vulnerabilities for many different sectors. We use the latest climate projections to assess risks for a range of time horizons. Our technical expertise is supported by state-of-the-art modelling tools and probabilistic risk assessment techniques.

We also offer technical review and expertise to translate the latest scientific research into practical policy advice.

UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA)

Under the Climate Change Act 2008, the UK Government is required to carry out an assessment of the risks to the UK of the current and future climate.

  • For the first UK CCRA, published in 2012, we led a large team of experts covering science, economics, stakeholder engagement and communications. It was unique in the breadth of assessment, identifying more than 700 potential risks across eleven sectors.
  • For the second CCRA, published in 2017, we led a team to develop new projections of water availability for the UK. We improved the scale of the assessment which enabled us to identify pressure hot-spots in the country.
  • Work on the third CCRA has begun. We are updating the projections for water availability using the latest climate projections (UKCP18). We are also supporting work in the floods sector.

Our international experience

We’ve helped many clients internationally to strengthen their climate resilience in the face of extreme natural hazards and climate change. Our climate risk and vulnerability assessments provide evidence on climate risks which are used to develop investment plans for adaptation.

In particular, we have led a number of Caribbean regional projects which involved working closely with many of the CARICOM Institutions. We have also undertaken regional and national assessments of climate impacts in Africa and South Asia.

Training courses

We deliver training courses on climate change risk assessment to clients around the world. Delivered by our highly experienced facilitators, our courses are designed to suit individual needs.

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