Research strategy

Research strategy

For more than 70 years water has been our world. Our research in hydraulics and related fields has enhanced the global understanding of the natural and built environment. 

Our research strategy

Our research strategy demonstrates the objectives we share with global research programmes, outlines the key research challenges we foresee and the research streams we will navigate to address them. It also showcases a selection of our research projects, many of which highlight the importance of collaboration with partner organisations around the globe.

Bridging academia and industry, our unique perspective allows us to anticipate and engage in global research challenges to deliver enhanced understanding of the natural and built environment. 

We will continue applying rigorous scientific methods to create and share new knowledge for the benefits of our clients, industry and society as a whole. 

Research remains at the heart of what we do.
Our research focus
  • Bridging the gap between reactive models and the changing world
  • Data
  • Information and guidance
  • Numerical and scientific computing
  • Scaled physical modelling
  • Software development.

Download our research outlook 2021-2026

HR Wallingford Research Outlook 2021-2026 


You can download our research outlook here for more details.