We are experts in how water moves, behaves and influences communities and industries.

We create smart, resilient solutions for the natural and built environments to help the world understand the changing influence and impact of water.

Our work supports infrastructure developers and operators, research bodies, governing authorities and decision makers at all levels with the innovative solutions they need, built on our experience, data insights and research.


We help our clients to understand the impacts of natural and human induced change on the freshwater environment. We’ll interpret the consequences of these impacts to provide solutions, tools and advice, tailored to deliver sustainable, resilient solutions.

We design towing carriages for marine research institutes, universities and educational institutes.

Our force measuring equipment builds on the legacy of Kempf and Remmers technology, and is trusted by marine hydrodynamic research laboratories, universities and educational institutions the world over.

With population growth and a shortage of affordable housing, the pressure is on to build more homes. We help developers to assess the flood risks for their development, put in place ways to reduce or eliminate these risks, and plan resilience again the likely impacts of climate change. 

Waterfront developments are springing up across the world to satisfy the demand for homes and leisure destinations with access to water. Our expertise in the marine environment helps deliver cost effective developments that are also resilient and sustainable in the long term.

We assess and design marine coastal structures that protect coastal infrastructure for public-sector and private clients all over the world. From seawalls and breakwaters to sea water intakes and outlets for power plants, refineries and desalination plants, we are renowned for providing high value designs for challenging sites, that are resilient, safe, environmentally sensitive, low risk and cost efficient.

Working in tandem with an increasing renewables capacity, nuclear technology generates constant, reliable baseload energy for many countries, and plays a vital role in our move towards a zero-carbon society. To meet demand as we decarbonise, we are likely to need to double the current nuclear power generation capacity. Our specialist expertise helps designers to address the many water-related challenges faced by the latest generation of nuclear power plants.