Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at HR Wallingford, so it is vital for our business to operate in a sustainable way and create a positive impact. 

By 2030 we want to lead innovation in sustainable solutions that transform how we live and work with water. And our ambitious sustainability programme is designed to deliver this vision and our seven big commitments.

Over the coming years we will manage our innovation, develop our people, create operational excellence and build the solid foundations needed to reach these goals. 

Find out more in our sustainability programme outline.

How are we doing?

As the global leaders and independent experts in how to live and work sustainably with water, we are ambitious about our own environmental, social and economic impacts

Our 2023 Sustainability Report provides a summary of where we are, where we want to be by 2030, and how we plan to get there. It covers the first five months of our sustainability programme - a period where we predominantly worked on building the foundations needed for success. This has been a hugely important time for us. We have done a great deal of groundwork to better understand our impact as an organisation – on our people, our operations, our clients, our local communities and our stakeholders. 

The report shows our baseline on sustainability, as well as providing a springboard to move us towards our 2030 sustainability vision of ‘leading innovation in sustainable solutions that transform how we live and work with water’.

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