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Marine facilities design

HR Wallingford has designed marine terminals and facilities for our international clients in the oil, gas and mining industries for five decades. We are renowned for providing high value designs for challenging sites, that are durable, safe for ship navigation and cargo transfer, with low operational and environmental risks and costs.

Optimisation of marine terminal project development

We define and evaluate options for marine facility sites for liquid and dry bulk materials and products. The key objective in the early stages of planning and design is to determine both the environmental physical parameters and operational performance objectives of the terminal. Our expertise in the integration of marine environmental conditions with operational criteria to optimise terminal development is supported by our proprietary marine terminal operational simulation technology.

Safe and efficient marine terminal access

As a global leader in the design and optimisation of navigational access to bulk marine terminals we work with port operators and natural resources clients to optimise vessel navigation, using our state-of-the-art navigation simulators and port operation models. When coupled with our design expertise in navigation channels and dredging, these tools help us to deliver a marine access design that is safe to use, environmentally compliant and is optimised for cost and terminal throughput.

Balancing risk, operability and cost

We help clients manage the risks that increase the cost or inefficiency of marine import/ export operations, e.g. downtime due to unfavourable metocean conditions, sedimentation of access channels or sea ice formation. Breakwaters, dredging and ice control are key solutions, but they may require substantial investment. Our combined physical and numerical modelling capability allow us to find optimal designs that balance risk, operability and cost.

Addressing the environmental impacts

We assess the environmental impacts of the import/ export of liquid and dry bulk hydrocarbons, minerals and their by-products, ensuring that consenting decisions are based on robust evidence. We can assess marine spills and dispersion, sediment re-suspension and dispersion, and the propagation of underwater noise from marine piling operations or mining extraction activities. We advise developers/ operators and regulators on the effects of coastal structures on coastal erosion and sediment movements.  In special cases we conduct laboratory tests and field trials to provide additional reassurance that modelled findings are robust.

Engineering design for low risk, high reliability and longer facility life

Marine facilities are designed and built based on the demands imposed by their site location natural conditions, the vessels to use the facility and the type of products to be handled. The facility should safely resist and transfer to the sea floor, the loading conditions imposed by extreme natural events and operations. The materials of construction may be required to withstand unusual corrosive conditions, chemical attack and cold temperatures. 

We provide reliable and durable engineering solutions to the most challenging projects, because of our unique combination of leading edge modelling and simulation facilities and proprietary software, an extensive track record and our exceptional scientists, engineers and technicians, including international leaders in their own fields. Our capabilities allow us to validate input data and assumptions to be used in our engineering designs and to think outside the box when required. Our designs therefore entail lower risk levels, enhanced reliability and longer facility life.

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