Volumetric flow flume

Our volumetric flow flume is unique in the UK in terms of its size, operating depth and flow measurement accuracy, as it uses the volume-time approach to measure flow rates, generally acknowledged to be the most accurate means available. The flume is used for a wide range of research and consultancy projects.

Technical specification

The flume has a flow capacity of 220 l/s and the ability to measure flow rates volumetrically up to 170 l/s using a 36 m3 volumetric tank. This has been certified by the British Standards Institute as having an overall accuracy of ±0.215%. Flow rates can also be measured by means of an electromagnetic flow meter for studies where the accuracy provided by the volumetric tank is not required (typical accuracy within ±1%).

The flume is 2.4 m wide by 25 m long by 0.9 m deep (with maximum working depth of 0.7 m). A tailgate at the downstream end of the flume allows control of the flow depth. Flow rates are controlled by valves and stabilised by baffles and a high head tank.

Applications for our volumetric flow flume

  • Hydrometry: gauging structures such as weirs and flumes
  • Fish passes
  • River structures
  • Flow meter accuracy evaluation
  • Bank protection and erosion studies
  • Scour around structures.

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