Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) tools

HR Wallingford provides a suite of tools to help local authorities and urban drainage designers with designing sustainable drainage.  

Our tools help to estimate

  • pre-development greenfield site runoff rates
  • storage volumes required to meet site flow rate controls
  • suitability of different SuDS for treating site runoff
  • infiltration storage volumes

Our range of SuDS tools

  • Greenfield runoff rate estimation tool
    To estimate runoff rates based on basic site characteristics information.
  • Surface water storage volume estimation
    For greenfield flow rate estimates as well as surface water storage attenuation volumes.
  • Infiltration volume estimation 
    To calculates the depth of storage required and the drain-down time to half empty for soakaways based on information on their plan area dimensions, fill porosity and infiltration rate. 

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