Flood forecasting and warning systems

Flood forecasting and early warning are crucial to enable efficient, targeted emergency responses and the provision of flood warnings. We deliver flood forecasting and warning systems that are designed to be fast, accurate and reliable under extreme catchment conditions.

Our expertise guides clients to the most appropriate solutions for their forecasting and warning needs. We have designed and implemented systems for a wide range of climates and using the most suitable tools for each situation. We engage stakeholders at all stages of the design process to ensure that our systems work to support them now and into the future. We provide advice on all aspects of such systems, from telemetry installation, meteorological data sources and optimal modelling solutions, to effective warning mechanisms to support decision making. Our systems support the management of river networks, flood plains, and urban drainage networks.

Appropriate solutions

Our solutions involve the development of hazard monitoring and early warning systems, and support the communication of risk information and early warnings. They are increasingly needed to support risk knowledge activities, and have a direct impact on response capabilities at scales from community level through to national and international scales. Our solutions form a key component of effective flood forecasting and warning.

HR Wallingford’s solutions work for a wide range of climates, geographies, catchment types and scales. Working with our client’s preferred modelling approach, we advise them at each step of the best method for integrating and employing the full range of components, from meteorology, hydrology and hydraulics, through to IT and communications. We work in multi-disciplinary teams, with our clients at the core, and are skilled in project management and client liaison.

Applied expertise

We have technical expertise in hydrology and hydraulics, flood inundation modelling and forecasting, snowmelt modelling, sediment transport, and breach analysis. We are also world leaders in 1D and 2D modelling, and integrated catchment approaches, and we use a range of different applications. We advise our clients on the optimum flood forecasting and warning solutions, making the best use of available data, from sparsely telemetered catchments, to situations involving radar data, nowcasts and ensembles of future forecast scenarios. We advise upon appropriate strategies for a range of situations including flash flood forecasting and coastal flooding. We support our clients in the communication of forecast accuracy and uncertainty, in communication mechanisms, such as SMS and emerging smartphone technology, as well as web-based dashboard-style approaches.

Enhanced support

Our approach delivers sustainability; our support extends well beyond the core technical solution. Our clients value the enhanced levels of service we offer; we work with them to deliver not only the best solution to their problems, but also help to train staff and build capacity, so our clients can own and operation their systems. We can also host warning systems, offering Software as a Services (SaaS).  Each system presents unique challenges, and we use innovative approaches to address these. We value the long-term relationships that we build with our clients.

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