Partnership uses PRIME™ technology to provide enhanced insight into earthworks


We have teamed up with SOCOTEC Monitoring to provide enhanced monitoring data analysis using innovative PRIME™ technology to owners of earthworks, such as dams and flood defences.

Developed by the British Geological Survey and driven by the increasing number and severity of failures of structures, PRIME™ is a geophysical imaging technique that enables owners to 'see inside' vulnerable earthworks. Through its data visualisation portal it provides remote automated updates on subsurface condition changes as well as early warnings of deterioration.

PRIME™ data displayed on the client portal

As the exclusive supplier of PRIME™, SOCOTEC Monitoring delivers and installs the system for clients. The firm observed that, at more challenging sites, the subsurface processes being detected by PRIME™ could benefit from additional data interpretation. To deliver an enhanced service, SOCOTEC Monitoring will collaborate with HR Wallingford and draw on our many decades of experience solving the most complex dam-related challenges. We will provide data analysis and interpretation along with recommendations on mitigation and remediation measures if required.

Nick Slater, monitoring services director at SOCOTEC Monitoring, comments: “The PRIME™ system automatically generates resistivity data and often the delivery of data in this way is sufficient for the client to gain valuable insight into the monitored asset and will require no further interpretation. However, as the compositional variations in the subsurface and changes in groundwater saturation being detected by PRIME™ can be complex we recognised that at some sites clients could benefit from an additional data interpretation, reporting and consultation service.”

Craig Goff, emerging technologies sector lead and a technical director at HR Wallingford, comments: “Given the enormous benefits of PRIME™, we are delighted to be the exclusive consultancy partner for the project. Our expertise allows the SOCOTEC Monitoring team to offer a total service that includes the interpretation and the implications of the results from PRIME™ and, where appropriate, recommendations for suitable intervention measures. This partnership builds on over 70 years of innovative and independent thinking at HR Wallingford, which we have used to help owners design, maintain, operate and investigate issues at infrastructure assets." 

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