Nature-based solutions in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is exposed to major risks from extreme weather: hurricanes, storm surges and floods. These risks are exacerbated by climate change, which affects the intensity, unpredictability and frequency of these events. 

Traditional engineering solutions used to protect communities can have a significant environmental impact. We’ve been exploring the use of nature-based solutions in the Caribbean to help raise awareness of how they can enhance sustainability and resilience in the region. 

Putting community at the heart of resilience

PIRAC, the French Red Cross’ representative in the region, helps people of the Caribbean in the event of major disasters and works to strengthen the resilience of communities.

PIRAC’s READY 360° programme is raising awareness of the effects of climate change and the risks of disasters in the Caribbean, broadening the approach to disaster preparedness by positioning people as an essential part of the local response efforts: The fundamental principle of this new approach is based on reducing the environmental impact of risk management practices.

HR Wallingford helped to deliver the project’s aim to raise regional awareness of the impact of nature-based solutions, as part of a regional campaign focusing on youth and people living with disabilities.

Auditing existing nature-based solutions

Working in collaboration with King-Joseph Consulting, we analysed existing nature-based solutions and provided clear recommendations for their implementation in the Caribbean, identifying potential challenges and opportunities. This was achieved through:

  • A systematic review of nature-based solution implementation and published research, documented as a series of case studies, lessons learnt and recommendations for use in the Caribbean context
  • Stakeholder engagement through online surveys targeting around two hundred professionals across the region, with interviews to capture more detailed information
  • An extensive database of case studies
  • Outlining potential challenges and opportunities including recommendations for implementation of successful nature-based solutions in the region. 
How nature-based solutions support the UN Sustainable Development goals
Nature-based solutions support delivery of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Broad scale benefits

Raising awareness of nature-based solutions in the Caribbean will help to address a variety of environmental, social, and economic challenges in sustainable ways, providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits as well as strengthening disaster preparedness and response capacities of local population.

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