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The Conveyance and Afflux Estimation System (CES/AES) is a software tool for the improved estimation of flood and drainage water levels in rivers, watercourses and drainage channels.

This software is the outcome of a collaborative research project on improving roughness and conveyance estimation in rivers, watercourses and drainage channels and integration with research on afflux at bridges and structures at high flows.  The project was funded by the Environment Agency, Defra, the Scottish Executive, the Northern Ireland Rivers Agency and the Association of Drainage Authorities

The CES/AES software tool aims to improve and assist with the estimation of:

  • hydraulic roughness
  • water levels (and corresponding channel and structure conveyance)
  • flow (given slope)
  • section-average and spatial velocities
  • backwater profiles upstream of a known flow-head control e.g. weir (steady)
  • afflux upstream of bridges and culverts
  • uncertainty in accuracy of input data and output.

Download the CES/AES Standalone software

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This software is the copyrighted work of the Environment Agency, Scottish Government, Rivers Agency Northern Ireland and Wallingford Software Ltd. and/or their suppliers. Use of the Software is governed by the terms of the end user licence agreement, which is included with the Software ("End User Licence Agreement “ or “EULA"). An end user will be unable to install any Software unless they first agree to accept the terms of the EULA.

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