Understanding climate change and how it affects our planet is at the heart of HR Wallingford’s work.

Whether it's flooding, renewable energy, water security, extreme weather, working with nature or using the latest space technology, we’re finding ways to help communities across the world to live with our changing world. 

And we always have someone to talk about it. Contact our press office to discuss your story. 

Flooding and flood management

Emma Brown

Emma has well over 20 years’ experience in flood engineering. She has helped design innovative flood forecasting systems all over the world, using the very latest in technology to protect vulnerable communities and push the boundaries of flood engineering.

Please be aware that Emma lip reads, so no phone interviews please (but she can always go digital).

Stephen Grey

Steven is a specialist in coastal flooding caused by cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons. He uses the latest science (often developed by Steve himself) to warn governments, NGOs and other authorities where and when they will face disruption from flooding, and at what scale. Steve works as part of a team assembled by the Foreign Office to develop this expertise around the world.

David Ramsbottom

What David doesn’t know about flooding probably isn’t worth knowing! His knowledgeable and thoughtful style, gained over 40 years in the industry, mean he explains difficult concepts in a really accessible way. David is particularly interested in working with nature to solve to world’s flooding problems.

Climate change risk

Helen Udale Clarke - COP26

Helen Udale-Clarke

Helen is a tour de force when it comes to climate change risk. She has been assessing climate risks at site, company, regional and national levels for over 15 years and managed the UK’s first ever national climate change risk assessment. She can simply explain why climate change is a risk and what individuals and organisations can do to manage it.


Water security

Andy Ball

Andy Ball helps secure water supplies across the UK. He is always at the cutting edge of the industry and a leading light in metering, leakage and water efficiency, as well as how water abstraction affects the natural environment. Before joining HR Wallingford, Andy worked for a number of UK water companies and major environmental consultancies.

Andy Ball - COP26


George Woolhouse

George helps ensure that the taps stay running for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. At the moment he is helping a number of developing nations to become more climate resilient, especially in the face of hurricanes and drought. 

Craig Goff

Craig is one of the world’s most preeminent expert on dams, their uses and management. He has also just helped develop DAMSAT, a satellite monitoring service for dams and the first technology of its kind.

Craig Goff COP26


Offshore wind, tidal and wave power

Mike Case

Mike Case has worked across the renewables industry for many years and can really bring the subject to life. He is particularly knowledgeable about how the challenges of building in water, set to become a major issue as we move towards a zero carbon future. 

Disease management

Gina Tsarouchi

Gina specialises in using the very latest space technology to prevent vector-borne diseases like dengue fever. Dengue affects over half the world’s population and this number is due to grow as the disease spreads across the world due to climate change.

Coastal management and engineering

Ridha Bentiba - COP26

Ridha Bentiba

Ridha can tell you all about how coastal defences like sea walls and breakwaters are being affected by climate change, and what we can do about it.


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