Water resources and climate change

Water security: act now to avoid shortages in future

Climate change is threatening our access to reliable supplies of fresh water at a time when demand for water is already rising. Higher temperatures and heavier rainfall could affect water supply, and more intense and frequent storms are more likely to damage infrastructure, especially in poorer nations.

As water underpins the functioning of our society, economy and the environment, it’s essential to plan now to avoid shortages in the future.

Explore our film, podcast and features to find out what needs to be done to ensure that there is enough water available as climate change takes hold.

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As the climate changes, how can we make sure there is enough water to go round – for drinking, sanitation, farming, industry, and the environment?

In our podcast, Chris Counsell, Aodhín McBride, and George Woolhouse discuss how the impacts of climate change – heavier rainfall, rising temperatures, droughts, and hurricanes – will affect water availability. The water resource experts explain how planning and tools can help, stressing the need to manage demand, as well as increasing supply.

Listen in to find out how everyone needs to do their part now to ensure that water shortages don’t become commonplace in the future.

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