Introduction to river hydrology and hydraulics

Introduction to river hydrology and hydraulics

Introduction to fluvial hydrology and hydraulics in relation to managing floods


An introductory course designed for anyone who requires an understanding of the management of river systems or the impact of developments in a river catchment.

Sustainable catchment management relies on a robust understanding of: rainfall-runoff and hydraulic processes; how variability in catchment characteristics can influence rates and volumes of runoff; the relationship between flow and water level at any location. The development of appropriate catchment management solutions is also dependent on the ability to correctly evaluate the impact of different options.

This introductory course guides participants through the fundamental science and the most up-to-date supporting tools. It demonstrates content and relevance through a series of worked examples.

Course content
  • Hydrometric analysis.
  • Estimation of flood flows.
  • Introduction to fluvial hydraulics.
  • Flow resistance and roughness.
  • Conveyance.
  • River flow processes.
  • River structures.
Who should attend?

Those involved in river and catchment management including recent graduates, consultants, local authority staff, conservation and fisheries officers, development control and flood defence officers. Some background knowledge in hydrology or hydraulics, or education to degree level in geography, civil engineering or environmental science would be helpful.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course participants will:

  • Have developed a knowledge of hydrometric data, why it is needed, what to collect and how to process it; 
  • Know how to construct a rating curve from river level and flow data;
  • Be aware of the different methods for estimating flood peaks, and know where and when to use them;
  • Have developed a knowledge of basic open channel flow principles; understand how water levels are calculated from flows and know what affects water levels at low and high flows;
  • Be familiar with the concept of conveyance and with different methods to compute it;
  • Understand river processes relating to morphology and sediments;
  • Be aware of different types of river structures and their function.

About this course

Two days
Rivers drainage and flooding
£600.00 excl VAT ?
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Course dates

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Course leaders

Caroline Hazlewood

Group Manager, Floods and Water Management
+44 (0)1491 822899

Excellent knowledge and experience from speakers giving great lectures on hydrology and hydraulic subjects. Fully engaging with the right ratio of lecture and exercise.

Past delegate

All speakers were professional, very experienced and offered plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

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Good range of information on a range of topics.

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Presentations by experts working in the field whose knowledge and enthusiasm were evident.

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