The Hydrofiles

Water, water everywhere…we often talk about ‘going green’, but our planet is mostly blue. 

Rising sea levels and more extreme weather are affecting people, nature, infrastructure and economies across the globe. But society isn't adapting to climate change fast enough. At HR Wallingford, we want to change this. 

The Hydrofiles explores possibilities for creating a sustainable and resilient world, where people and the environment can thrive. Join our experts as they address these challenges head on.

Episode 3 Water and the road to net zero

Renewables and energy experts Mike Case and Iain Gunn explain why a net zero future just isn’t possible without managing water. The pair take an in-depth look at trends in offshore wind, including the future for floating turbines, as well as explaining how water interacts with our energy supply in ways you might never have thought of.

Episode 2 Water on tap? We need to act now to avoid water shortages as our climate changes

As climate changes advances, how can we make sure there is enough water to go round – for drinking, sanitation, farming, industry, and ecosystems? Chris Counsell, Aodhín McBride, and George Woodhouse discuss how the impacts of climate change – heavier rainfall, rising temperatures, droughts, and hurricanes – will affect water availability. The water resource experts explain how planning will help, stressing the need to manage demand, as well as increasing supply and making infrastructure more resilient.

Episode 1 Flooding and climate change: rising to the challenges

There’s no doubt that climate change is making ‘once in a lifetime’ floods a common occurrence, often with devastating consequences. So, how can communities across the world become more resilient?

Emma Brown, Stephen Grey and David Ramsbottom delve into the climate crisis and what it means for flood management. The three world-leading experts discuss topics as diverse as: using space technology to forecast floods; protecting megacities into the future; educating communities in the UK; and whether cyclones will become commonplace in the Middle East.